Tailored Technology-Driven Revenue Cycle, Recurring Billing and Credit Solutions

Integrated solutions for
automating the entire lifecycle of a
revenue transaction

Configurable solutions for complex
billing situations

In-house and lender-based
credit programs to boost sales and
generate loyalty

Our focus is helping clients close the affordability gap with their customers allowing them to sell more products and services. Using our robust, enterprise-grade technology platform, we tailor a solution to the specific needs of each client, whether that involves recurring monthly billing, subscription plans, usage billing, consumption tracking, payment plans or lender-based credit programs.

We are a full lifecycle integrated solution. Whether starting from order entry or loan application, we automate each step in the process, including integration with external systems, through cash collection and posting to your financial systems. We do not push one solution as the answer for everyone, rather we listen to what you want to accomplish now and in the future and tailor a technology solution and associated program that helps you realize your goals.

BillWise, The Solution Behind Our Own Companies

Over 2,000 Dentists
Use Our Software

Over 10,000 Plans
Created Each Month

Platform Managing
$100mm Plan Portfolio